Specialty and Services

Specialty and Services

Emergency Services

When unexpected illness and injury strikes, families can rely on City Medical Complex Emergency Room to treat any medical emergency for adults or children. We have qualified and skilled staffs to manage all the emergencies pertaining to different specialties like Medicine, Surgery, Ob/Gyn, Orthopedic, and Pediatrics.

This Department works as a team. This requires crucial input from people with a variety of skills; from social workers, clerical, department assistants and administrative personnel.

Upon arrival to the Emergency Department, our patients undergo a brief triage to help determine the nature and severity of their illness. Individuals with serious illnesses are then seen by a physician more rapidly than those with less severe symptoms or injuries. After initial assessment and treatment, patients are either admitted to the hospital or discharged.


General Medicine 

The department of general medicine provides the full complement of preventive medical care, including routine screenings and immunizations, to help our patients maintain or improve their health and also identifying patients who are at high risk for specific conditions such as diabetes, cholesterol, heart disease and blood clotting disorders.

Our team specializes in the care for patients with undefined symptoms and complaints who need help in diagnosing their illness. They handle all aspects of an adult patient’s general health care and provide seamless referrals to our specialists, based on each patient’s diagnosis

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Our General & Laparoscopic Surgery Department offers a comprehensive and high quality range of surgical procedures to the community. A wide range of surgical procedures are undertaken as day and inpatient cases in addition to minor operations. The general surgery department is well equipped and manned by experienced Surgeons.

The services rendered include 24 hours cover for the Accident and Emergency Department with facilities to perform major surgical procedures round the clock, including management of patients with peritonitis and polytrauma and laparoscopic procedures.

Ob/Gyn Department

Ob/Gyn Department at City Medical Complex takes great pride in providing top quality care of its patients. This department offers a broad range of inpatient and outpatient services for women. The department offers outpatient services in Consulting Clinics, inpatient services, and maternity service with a well equipped Labor Room and OR; modern ultra sonology department and infertility clinic.

Approximately  1200 women choose to have their babies with us per year. We provide a comprehensive obstetrical service, from low-risk moms-to-be to high-risk women who require the support of an intensive care unit.

Neurosurgery Department

The Department of Neurosurgery City Medical Complex

Diseases and disorders of the brain, spine and nervous system often involve serious symptoms and call for complex surgical treatments.

Here at the CMC Department of Neurosurgery, our neurosurgical specialists provide advanced clinical care with a focus on using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.

If your patient has been diagnosed with a condition requiring neurosurgery, our team of experienced and caring doctors, nurses and staff is ready to help.

City Medical Complex is the leading hospitals in the Afghanistan to focus on pediatric and adult neurosurgery as an individual specialty.

Paediatrics Department

Our mission is to provide the highest exemplary standard of medical care to all the children and adolescents we serve.

Our Pediatrics Department is renowned by its group of experienced, dedicated and caring physicians who practice comprehensive state of the art pediatric medicine. They are committed to provide the best in pediatric health care to our youngsters and ensure that the highest quality medicine is applied to manage their acute and chronic medical needs.

The department is headed by specialized experienced personnel with comprehensive knowledge and experience to assess the normal growth and development of children and complete understanding of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of common and important diseases among children. The department has a well equipped NICU.

Urology Department

Our Urology Department is well equipped with all endoscopic and lithotripsic (stone removal) instruments. We do all major urological surgeries like TURP (endoscopic removal of the prostate). Endoscopic and open removal of stones from kidney ureter and bladder, correction of deformities of ureters, penis etc. We also undertake advanced procedures for management of impotence (erectile dysfunction) like penile prosthesis implantation and work up & management of all causes of male infertility.

This department is dealing with all cases of female urology like urinary incontinence, vesicovaginal fistula and post operative and post obstructive urological problems. The department has facilities for urodynamic studies transrectal ultrasound and doppler.

Dermatology Department 

Our Division of Dermatology is devoted to excellence in patient care. Its role is to deliver the best quality of medical services similar to those offered in major centers worldwide. This department is in touch with latest developments in the field.

It deals with various dermatological procedures apart from accurate diagnosis of even troublesome acute and chronic skin diseases.This department provides care for cosmetic skin problems, electrolysis, and other modalities for skin care. We are specialized in treatment of skin, hair along with the treatment of infectious and venereological diseases.


The department of Gastroenterology, under the leadership of Dr.Bismillah Saberi has achieved position of eminence in Afghanistan since its inception in 2015.With the addition of new procedures, the department has come up with exceptional growth in terms of patient count and newer procedures.
With tremendous increase in the number of patients and newer procedures we hope to add more consultants and equipment on an ongoing basis and are ready to meet the challenges of the future.

Main procedures:

Esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD)
Esophageal dilatation (savory)
PEG insertion
Esophageal varies band ligation (EVBL)
Esophageal varies sclerotherapy
Diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic retrograde Cholangiopancreatogram (ERCP)

Orthopedic & Trauma Department

The Orthopedic department of City Medical Complex treats patients with all kinds of bone and joint problems. It is backed up by a modern Radiology department and a physiotherapy department.

When severe injuries present to the Emergency Room, the orthopedic surgeon who is assigned to the Emergency Room will arrive at the resuscitation within minutes to assist with the critical care of the patient.

Facilities Available:
  • Accident & Emergency including Road traffic and Industrial accidents
  • Management of Fractures and Dislocations including those requiring surgery
  • Treatment of acute and chronic backaches and joint ailments including joint replacement
  • Sports injuries surgeries

ENT Department

Our Ear, Nose and Throat department provides comprehensive and specialized services centered in the department of ENT. The scope of the ENT Department is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases of the ear, nose, throat and neck, in both children and adults.


Our ENT department is well equipped with instruments for all major and minor surgeries. We have the latest pure tone audiogram, Tympanometer, Laryngeal endoscope and nasal endoscope.

Audiology Unit

Our Audiology Unit works within the ENT Department to provide an extensive examination of the ear and its connections to the brain.

Radiology Department

The well equipped Radiology & Imaging department is the backbone of any modern hospital and treatment centre in present era. The quality of treatment which any good hospital can give to the patients depends on excellence of the diagnostic and imaging department of the hospital.

All the faculties of the hospital, in some way or other, inevitably take the help of Radiology & Imaging in order to reach the proper diagnosis so that the correct treatment can be planned.

It is departments endeavor to help all the specialists in their fields to diagnose the various types of diseases with the help of conventional

Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which provides services to individuals and populations to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and functional ability. This includes providing services in circumstances where movement and function are threatened by aging, injury, disease or environmental factors. Physiotherapy is concerned with identifying and maximizing quality of life and movement potential within the spheres of promotion, prevention, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation.

This encompasses physical, psychological, emotional, and social well being. Physiotherapy utilizes an individual’s history and physical examination to arrive at a diagnosis and establish a management plan, and when necessary, incorporate the results of laboratory and imaging studies. Physiotherapy has many specialties including cardiopulmonary, geriatrics, neurologic, orthopedic and pediatrics to name some of the more common areas.

Vaccination Services

We have taken an initiative step to offer a range of vaccination services to minimize and prevent contagious and harmful disease in the country.

Such vaccines could prevent Hepatitis B, DTaP, HIV, IPV, Polio, Pneumococcal, Meningococcal, Rota Virus, Anti Rabies, Hepatitis A, Influenza, MMR, Typhoid, Yellow fever  Varicella Vaccines & Hepatitis B Immunoglobin, Rabies Immunoglobin.

All vaccines work by stimulating the immune system in the same way as the actual infection would, but without causing the full-blown disease.