CEO Message

In the name of Allah Who taught man what he knew not, and guided His servants through knowledge to the path of piety and obedience to Him. There are numerous challenges that confront our society today, critical among these are the inadequate healthcare services that the vast majority of our population are forced to avail. The solution does not just lie in building more hospital and clinics with modern equipment; It has a lot to do with developing our health sector. Addressing these challenges is a long term goal and I hope that City Medical Complex (CMC) shall play its part by bringing highly skilled knowledgeable and ethical medical professionals who are equipped and motivated to respond to the needs of our society and bring about a real difference in health sector. Therefore, CMC employed qualified and experienced doctors in their respective specialties reflecting a dedication and commitment to provide the highest quality of care to patients. All the leadership groups of the hospital administration & medical staff continuously work together to identify and direct the priorities of the hospital through the development and implementation of strategic plans within the scope of our mission, To Provide Compassionate healthcare of the highest quality at an affordable cost. We welcome feedback from all representatives of our community. I wish for a healthier and prosperous Afghanistan.