Intensive Care Unit

At City Medical Complex, our Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a multi- purpose facility dedicated to providing individualized, comprehensive nursing care for patients who require intensive monitoring or treatment due to serious illness or injury. Our highly skilled staff is trained to provide expert, compassionate care that meets the physical, spiritual, social, cultural, and emotional needs of each patient. From admission to discharge, our team ensures quality of care through the process of assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation. The Intensive Care Unit primarily helps patients suffering from life- threatening, but potentially manageable conditions. The critical nature of the condition may be actual or potential, and is often associated with secondary effects on other body organs or systems. CMChas extensive experience providing intensive care patients with the most advanced, progressive diagnostic and treatment services available.


The Department of Neurosurgery City Medical Complex Diseases and disorders of the brain, spine and nervous system often involve serious symptoms and call for complex surgical treatments. Here at the CMC Department of Neurosurgery, our neurosurgical specialists provide advanced clinical care with a focus on using minimally invasive techniques whenever possible.
If your patient has been diagnosed with a condition requiring neurosurgery, our team of experienced and caring doctors, nurses and staff is ready to help. City Medical Complex is the leading hospitals in the Afghanistan to focus on pediatric and adult neurosurgery as an individual specialty. Our neurosurgery team includes surgeons, physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, imaging professionals, psychologists and social workers who work together to deliver integrated, and personalized care for every child.


 Our Expertise

  • Our Highly Specialized Neurosurgeons are devoted to providing the highest standard of patients care for all neurosurgical conditions of the central (i.e Brain, Spinal Cord) and peripheral nervous systems as well as the blood vessels supplying them.
  • Our doctors are involved in scientific research that offers new hope for patients with brain, spine and nervous system disorders.
  • CMC has developed and refined some of the most influential advances in pediatric neurosurgery, including: a. Pial synangiosis, a surgical procedure that relocates healthy blood vessels in the brain to combatMoyamoya disease. b. Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV), an alternative to traditional shunt placement for some children withhydrocephalus and Spina Bifida (Myelodysplasia). c. Linear accelerator radiosurgery, a highly efficient form of radiotherapythat targets tumors in the brain while minimizing damage to surrounding, healthy tissue
  • The introduction of a non-invasive device that measures subtle changes in children’s head size, enabling earlier diagnosis of craniosynostosis andplagiocephaly.
  • We offer the latest in cutting edge treatment in a state-of-the- art environment that is simply unsurpassed in terms of quality, infrastructure and level of compassionate, patient- focused care.


1. Dr. Mohammad Qais


Every cardiology patient has different needs based on his own heart health issue. You can be confident that the doctors at CMC are highly qualified in treating a wide range of problems. You will always be cared for in a compassionate and patient- centered environment.
The Department of Cardiology at City Medical Complex is equipped to deal with all conditions related to this vital organ on both the preventive and the therapeutic aspects of the heart.
The cardiology department is housed in a custom built unit with all the diagnostic equipment under one roof.
Electrocardiogram (ECG),recording of the electrical waves from the heart to assess the heart rate, rhythm, heart wall thickness and chamber enlargement as well as for early detection of heart attacks.
Treadmill Exercise Test The patient is walking on a computerized treadmill at a predetermined speed and gradient. The blood pressure, heart rate and ECG are continuously monitored by the computer during the exercise. This is a sensitive test to detect early signs of heart disease, specially heart attacks or blockage in the coronary arteries. This test is always conducted in the presence of a cardiologist.
Echo Doppler test with colour Doppler blood flow imaging Using ultrasound the heart is imaged from various angles. Heart chambers, muscles, valves and blood vessels can all be seen on the video screen and measurements made. Colour blood flow imaging is used to detect all normal and abnormal blood flow patterns inside heart chambers and blood vessels and to measure the velocity of blood flow for precise diagnosis of abnormalities.
Intensive Care Unit (ICU) We have a state-of-the art intensive care unit with facilities for bed side and central monitoring of ECG, Blood Oxygen, Blood Pressure or Venous Pressure. The unit is staffed by some of the best trained nursing staff and fully trained doctor and is fully equipped for artificial ventilation of patients with respiratory or cardiac failure.
Preventive Cardiology Risk factor profiling is done for all patients attending the department. Early detection and treatment of risk factors for heart attacks is the only method of reducing the incidence of death and disability due to heart attack in the community. Our lipid profile examining facility estimates directly all sub fractions of cholesterol and ApoA1 and ApoB, the carrier proteins for cholesterol. Similarly the serum homocysteine, one of the early correctable risk factors for heart attack and stroke, can be detected.
Our Cardiologists:

1. Dr. Qayum Gul

2. Dr. Noor Ahmad Jama

General & Laparoscopic Surgery

Our General & Laparoscopic Surgery Department offers a comprehensive and high quality range of surgical procedures to the community. A wide range of surgical procedures are undertaken as day and inpatient cases in addition to minor operations. The general surgery department is well equipped and manned by experienced Surgeons.
The services rendered include 24 hours cover for the Accident and Emergency Department with facilities to perform major surgical procedures round the clock, including management of patients with peritonitis and polytrauma and laparoscopic procedures.
The department is also geared to perform a whole range of major elective general surgical procedures including gastrointestinal surgery, head and neck surgery, surgery of the limbs (eg. varicose veins), breast surgery to name a few.All operations are performed in two fully equipped modern operating theatres.
Out-patient services are available daily and many minor procedures can be performed in the OPD or day care ward to shortenthe patient’s stay in the hospital. Among such procedures are banding and injection of haemorrhoids (piles) and excision of small swellings
Our General Surgeons:

1. Dr. Ajmal Barakat

2. Dr. Gulab Gul Zadran

3. Dr. Mohammad Ayoub Akbari


Cesarean Section

Some of our mothers will deliver by Cesarean section. At CMC, we are proud to boast that we have one of the lowest Cesarean section rates in Afghanistan. There are two operating rooms contained in Labor & Delivery and staffed round the clock for any emergencies. A team of medical professionals can be mobilized in minutes to perform an emergency Cesarean section if necessary.

As your baby is delivered, your doctor or midwife will place your baby directly on your chest. This is called skin-to-skin contact and is so important to help your baby adapt to life outside the womb. Skin-to-skin contact helps regulate your baby’s temperature, glucose level and promotes bonding and breastfeeding.
Limited Visiting

In Labor and Delivery, friends and family may wait for the arrival of your baby in the maternity waiting room.


Our mission is to provide the highest exemplary standard of medical care to all the children and adolescents we serve.
Our Pediatrics Department is renowned by its group of experienced, dedicated and caring physicians who practice comprehensive state of the art pediatric medicine. They are committed to provide the best in pediatric health care to our youngsters and ensure that the highest quality medicine is applied to manage their acute and chronic medical needs.
The department is headed by specialized experienced personnel with comprehensive knowledge and experience to assess the normal growth and development of children and complete understanding of pathogenesis and pathophysiology of common and important diseases among children. The department has a well equipped NICU.


Our NICU is equipped with Mechanical Ventilators, Incubators, Radiant Warmer, Phototherapy units, ABG analyzer, Pulse oxymeters, Cardiac monitors, Syringe pumps,infusion pumps etc and facilities for Mechanical ventilation, Surfactant therapy, Exchange transfusion, Phototherapy, Neonatal peritoneal dialysis and all other minor surgical procedures.
The Neonatology department ofCity Medical Complexis one of the best inAfghanistanwith Neonatal Intensive care unit, special care Nursery & Ward Nursery. We are offering excellent Neonatal care with very low cost.
The department is managed by well experienced and specially trained staff. Both inborn sick babies and babies referred from other centers are admitted in the NICU. Managing all types of Neonatal emergencies including Birth asphyxia, Meconium Aspiration Syndrome, Respiratory distress syndrome requiring mechanical ventilation and surfactant therapy, Neonatal Sepsis, extreme premature babies of 24 weeks of gestation onwards, very very low birth babies weighing even less than 700 gms, all with excellent results.
Our Pediatrics Specialists:

1. Dr. Amanullah Amarkhail

2. Dr. Dur Mohammad Gardizi

Orthopedics & Trauma Car

The Orthopedic department of City Medical Complex treats patients with all kinds of bone and joint problems. It is backed up by a modern Radiology department and a physiotherapy department.
When severe injuries present to the Emergency Room, the orthopedic surgeon who is assigned to the Emergency Room will arrive at the resuscitation within minutes to assist with the critical care of the patient. Facilities Available

  • Accident & Emergency including Road traffic and Industrial accidents
  • Management of Fractures and Dislocations including those requiring surgery
  • Treatment of acute and chronic backaches and joint ailments including joint replacement
  • Sports injuries surgeries
    Our Orthopedic Surgeon:
    1. Dr. Dad Khuda Nasiri 2. Dr. Shafi Usmani 3. Dr. Zulal Ahmad

Psychiatry Department

There are times when our ability to cope with daily responsibilities breaks down, making emotional and physical functioning difficult. When a diagnosis of mental illness is made, patients and their loved ones often confront many concerns and emotions. Fear. Confusion. Perhaps anger. We understand this. And our Psychiatry Department can help. Mental illness can come from biologic or environmental factors and our treatment plans are designed with this in mind. We offer comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of psychiatric illness for adults and children (both inpatient and outpatient) through programs that apply the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic techniques available. In addition, our care team receives ongoing medical training in applied and clinical psychiatric research from leaders in this highly specialized field. This is a difficult time for you and your loved ones. Why not let us assist you in making the transition back to better health? Through proper diagnosis and treatment you can regain your health and an improved quality of life.
Our Doctors:

1. Dr. Said Kamal Jalal

2. Dr. Mantosh Kumar

The Psychiatry Department Includes:

  • Cognitive behavioraltherapy
  • Women’s mental health
  • Mood Disorders Research Program
  • Bipolar Center of Excellence
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Center of Excellence (SAMI)
  • Treatment of pediatric bipolar disorder
  • Treatment for depression in children, adolescentsand adults
  • Community mental health
  • Mental health issues in older adults
  • Geriatric and Effectiveness Research
  • Electro-Convulsive Therapy Program (ECT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy for depression and anxiety
  • Specialized pharmacologic treatment for major mental disorders
  • Biological and psychological effects of emotional trauma

Ophthalmology Department

Eye Department atCity Medical Complexis designed to provide a comprehensive range of medical and surgical eye care, which is dedicated to the protection, preservation, enhancement, and restoration of your vision, in any age group. The philosophy of the eye department reflects on the need togo beyond sophisticated diagnostic and microsurgical equipment, with cutting edge technology.
AtCMCwe give individual attention and treat each patient with their needs in mind. Hence, our patients consistently pay us with their appreciation, by recommending our department for vision disorders, to their family & friends.

  • Fully equipped chair unit with slit lamps, auto- refractometer
  • IOL Services with
  • Conventional ECCE with IOL
  • SICS with IOL
  • Phaco emulsification with foldable and multifocalIOLs
  • Squini and Oculoplasty
  • Glaucoma services with Humphry’s Automated Perimetry
  • Indirect Ophthalmoscopy
  • ROP screening and Diabetic Retinopathy Screening
  • Contact lenses clinic

1. Dr. Shazia Mohmand


The Well equipped Radiology & Imaging department is the backbone of any modern hospital and treatment centre in present era. The quality of treatment which any good hospital can give to the patients depends on excellence of the diagnostic and imaging department of the hospital.
All the faculties of the hospital, in some way or other, inevitably take the help of Radiology & Imaging in order to reach the proper diagnosis so that the correct treatment can be planned.
It is departments endeavor to help all the specialists in their fields to diagnose the various types of diseases with the help of conventional X- Ray, Ultra-sound and CT scan and to locate the disease and assess the extent. The Radiology Department of CMC provides the highest quality services to all patients treated in a most expedient and professional manner. It is equipped with state-of-art technology used for routine and complex diagnostic and interventional procedures. It gives cost-effective and fast results.
CT scan: Overview: CT Scan stands for Computerized Tomography. This is a special x-ray test that produces detailed pictures of the inside of your body. Aiding the diagnosis of various conditions and illnesses to plan any necessary treatment for your medical problem. CT Scan is very essential for early diagnosis. This machine provides fast scanning of patient, high quality images, and less radiation dose to the patient.
Types of examinations available: Brain-Sella, PNS, Orbits, petrous bone, Neck, Chest, abdomen & Pelvis, Extremities.
Ultra Sound: Ultrasound medical technology uses high frequency sound waves transmitted into the body. On placing an ultrasound probe in contact with the skin over the organ of interest, a computer creates the images. Ultrasound Gel (jelly substance) must be used on the skin in order to allow transmission of the sound waves. The returning sound waves are picked up and electronically converted to create a 2 dimensional real time image.
All images can be then printed on X-Ray film, paper or stored on a CD /Floppy disk. Ultrasound is extremely safe as it uses sound waves rather than x-rays. It is noninvasive, painless and has no known serious biological effects.
X-Ray: Concept:X-ray is a diagnostic test where ionizing radiations pass through the examined body thus enabling an image to be produced on film.
Types:Bone x-rays are ordered to detect disease or injury to the bone such as broken bones, tumors, and other problems.They can determine bone density, texture, erosion etc and can also evaluate the joints for diseases such as osteoarthritis. Kidney, ureter, and bladder x-ray study is a diagnostic test that is used for the detection of kidney stones and other disorders. Injecting contrast media help to evaluate the shape position and function of kidneys, ureters and bladder. Skull x-rays are performed to examine the nose, sinuses, and facial bones.